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Boat Mobile Detailing Tips

Begin with a rinse
Ask any professional boat mobile detailing service and they will tell you, you need to start with a healthy spray of clean water that will get rid of any loose debris or grime off the boat’s surface. Begin at the top of your boat and slowly work your way downwards until you have reached the hull. As mentioned before, this just removes any loose bits which are on your boats surface, this is not classed as a complete clean. A good hose nozzle should be used, however using a pressure washer is an added bonus.

Plenty of soap
Once you have finished removing all the loose pieces of debris and grime, the time has come to work on the stubborn dirt. Use a special boat cleaner, for this task, and make sure you lather it up well, as this will agitate any stubborn grime. But, never allow this soap to dry on your boats surface, as you are running the risk of damage the finish, not to mention leaving ugly streaks.

You should only ever do small areas each time, and remember to rinse off the as you go along. You can apply protective treatments, later on, however, the quality of this protection does rely on how good you clean your boat beforehand. There are several products which can be used as a multi surface cleaner, which means it is safe to use on most of your boat such as fabric, vinyl, and gel coat.

Buffing it out
Once you have finished cleaning your boat, the exterior should be looking much better, however, slightly duller when compared to when you first bought it. In order to bring the sparkle back, you will need to use some elbow grease and buff the exterior by hand or using a rotary buffer, this will help to remove any oxidation and prepare your boats surface for the waxing stage.

So if you are looking for boat or RV mobile detailing services, call Henderson Auto RV Boat Mobile Detailing in Henderson, NV today on (702) 608-9027.


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